hope that I’ll bleed something worth bleeding out

Sometimes I wait to listen to albums that I know I’ll love because it just seems too big of a task – I’ll have to feel things that are too great, my insides will grow too big for my outsides, and I’ll have to physically lay down to even begin to gather myself. or something. I do this with great books too. I think I’m terrified to let myself be changed, that some part of me that I’ve clung to for too long will be changed and maybe I believe that will be too much to handle. I have friends who revel in this, who enjoy that challenge of hard things and seem to know themselves so well, but I just can’t seem to do that very well. I suppose this realization is good thing and I guess I’m trying to be better at allowing myself to feel feelings and the like.

So, I’ve been putting off listening to the self titled The Lone Bellow album which came out in January for those very reasons. (Guys, it took me YEARS to listen to Joni Mitchell’s Blue, I know.) I know you all already are aware of how great this LB album is, but I just wanted to be frank and talk about scary good albums, and I guess remind you to listen to that whole album like six more times today and watch their Tiny Desk Concert.

If you see me, remind me to read, and to listen, and to let myself feel feels, ok? And also if you see me facedown on my table at my favorite coffee shop it’s because of songs like ‘Bleeding Out’ by the Lone Bellow. I’m pretty sure I spent an entire hour facetable-ing when I heard ‘Song for Zula’.


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